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A Place He Called Home

Pearl of the Post: Finding Home

The choices we make for our kids can take them in so many directions. Ultimately, we want to set them on a road where they truly find themselves and develop self love, appreciation, respect and resiliency.

I haven't always given him the best directions and we've taken many wrong turns. We help them course correct, try new paths and remember their way home.

There's no one size fits all path. Each person's journey in life, business, love, and camp is unique. (Click Here to Tweet this Pearl)

We help our children choose their path but like leading a horse to water, they must walk the path for themselves. It's their bodies, minds and hearts that are being shaped step by step.

With every one of their steps we wonder - will they find their way?

will they be safe?

Will they be loved?

What aspect of themselves will be illuminated?

When it comes to sleep away camp we wonder what will happen once they leave our homes with a trunk full of crap they had little to do with picking, packing and painstakingly labeling.

Will his bunk mates and counselors bring out his best or worst side?

You just never know.

I likened this to touring colleges with my parents.Each campus had its distinctive feeling and culture. Every place a different aspect of my personality was highlighted. Similarly with choosing a profession, there's a million things you can be doing, but which aspect of you do you wish to develop and share with the world.

Going into this summer, we really only considered one sleep away camp as an option. From past experience, I knew what wouldn't work for my son.

Amongst the short list of camps, one stood out to me. I was going on nothing more than a feeling. I hadn't heard of it before, none of my friends heard of it, it just felt right. I also didn't know what we were going to be able to swing for the summer and didn't want to spend countless hours researching camps only to tease my kids.

After a few discussions, some good signs and a camp visit we gave it a go.

And so they went.

I got busy with our home project (check my "Home Base" Insta Story for that journey) and reconnecting with my husband. At night, I'd refresh the camp photos to catch glimpses and try to read into their looks.

I was in regular contact with the camp and all seemed well. Except, I don't go by anything anyone says about my kids until I see them and read their vibes.

Before I blinked, it was time for them to come home.

During the car ride home, my son said something which resonated strongly. He was describing camp life, cabin mates and the overall positive chill vibe.

At point one he said, "I don't know why mom, but it just felt like home."

I can't imagine wanting him to feel anything than at home in this life no matter where he is in this world.

True to form of my son being my greatest teacher comes my intention, to be with all people, in all places and having experiences that feel like home.

There's simply no place like it.

(c) 2018 Cynthia R. Litman, Esq., PLLC. All Rights Reserved

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