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Heart Open Wide

Over the years, I've come to know this pearl as true in that when you support others in

manifesting their dreams, yours suddenly come true.

For the past couple of months I played Miss Trish’s Wing Woman for the Danceworks NY Grand Opening Party. A lil dance studio which Trish took over 6 years ago and built up by hustling with humility. It's since become an integral part of our lives and community. It's a local love story to see Miss Trish at every community event, she always gives so much of herself. 13 years later in Danceworks journey, finds her leaping into a larger space, more centrally located in one of our towns two more visible Shopping Centers.

The doors opened with such a strong showing of community support.

She invited other Mompreneurs and local business owners to share in the festivities. She didn't have to, it could've just been about Danceworks and her dance staff, but she knows the routine of this pearl and always shares center stage.

Even a solo performance takes a team effort. {Click to Tweet}

With so many things happening on a sunny September day, having hundreds of peeps pop by to partake in the fun and extend their congratulations is a true testament to the DWNY love. Trish and I collaborated many times for MomTime Events and this may have been my favorite. It was all about how to spotlight the DWNY heart. I caught many a glimpse into her make it happen with grit and grace mindset. And, it’s inspiring AF. Heart wide open along with the doors to the new Danceworks NY studio!! Now, I’m happy to join the DWNY family inside the studio as well. May the good vibes ripple through decades of DANCE!!!

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