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The Mommas Pearls Show

Strings it Together & Brings it Home... 

The Mommas Pearls Show strings together the most beautiful pieces of life. A spiritual mompreneurs chronicle tapping into generational wisdom through the lens popular culture, societal norms, community and a happy dose of spirituality.

We polish the pearls with the help of insightful, inspirational, creative and entrepreneurial and insightful guests, ranging from entertainment industry folks, authors, MomTime Muses, inspirational youth, change agents, community leaders and sometimes even my parents, the funniest & wisest people I kno

Mommas Pearls Special Series: A New L
ight shined a light during the dark days of the pandemic.

Carve your Mom/Dad/Me Time, have a listen and string some pearls together!

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Legal Note: This show is for infotainment purposes.
Yeah, its hostess Cynthia Litman is a lawyer but please don’t take what is shared in any show say as gospel or as legal advice. It’s a show people.

Show Episodes...

Show Pearls...

Nitika Chopra, Wellness Entrepreneur

Self Care isn't just a trend.

It's a lifelong dedication to your well being. Living with a Chronic Illness does not and should not impede your self care practice. Knowing where you are in your journey is the first step. Meet yourself wherever you are.

RJ Palacio, Best Selling Author of Wonder

RJ grew up in a loving and supportive home. Her mother always believed in her talent as a writer and this helped RJ achieve her greatness of telling the story of Auggie Pullman, a 10 year old homeschooled boy with a facial deformity who is about to enter Middle School, categorically the most unkind place on earth. She and Auggie inspired the #ChooseKind movement.

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