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I have a big mind for small business. 

When I'm wearing my business and legal hat, there's almost 20 years of experience at your service.


I'm best used as your muse to help you see the big picture and break it down into actionable, profitble and impactful steps. 


My approach considers your personal and business aspirations and the ever delicate work life balance. We'll work together to empower you in your business acumen, source and maximize opportunities and deepen the connections within your professional network. 

My niche is working with entrepreneural and entertainment clients to turn their passion into their business, vision into motion, projects into action, community into champions, and networks into clients. 


I will guide you through your business and project launch(es), contracts, negotiations, relationship building, social and marketing strategies and distribution channels.  


For social media, promotional support and campaigns please see Collaborations.

Whether working through a contract, sorting your Intellectual Property Options, building your brand, social media presence, polishing your website and marketing materials, suiting up for live events or discovering new marketing and distribution niches, together we'll prepare you for greatness. 

I've spent years leading clients with a soft spot for Momtrepreneurs, Spiritual Practitioners, media professionals, authors,  filmmakers and small businesses, to the next phases of their careers, developing new business opportunities and markets, rounding out business portfolios and utilizing the leading platforms.


My approach combines grass roots methods with global goals. 

I will help you place the stepping stones for you to confidently and passionately exceed your goals. 

It always starts and ends with your readiness to bloom, be bold and pursue your dreams. I champion you along your journey and help you at crucial pivot points. 

You may schedule individual sessions to pick my brain, engage my services to represent you in business and legal transations or participate in one of my group business and legal coaching courses.

My fees vary depending upon your needs and project scope. 


Learn more about my background and experience as a New York Lawyer, working with  at New Line Cinema, co-founding The Spiritual Cinema Circle, guiding independent filmakers and a child obesity specialist in her media endeavors over on Linked In.  

Important Notes & Disclaimer

In our correspondence, you may be asked to share the topic for discussion and some background information. Please do not share anything which you deem to be confidential.


I do not accept unsolicited materials such as film scripts, manusripts and business plans. They will not be read. Please do not send them until specifically requested and a submission release is signed. Many of my clients fields of interest, projects, products and services have similar themes and I bare no responsibility for any unsolicited materials submitted to me. 

While I will hold our conversations in confidence, please understand that an attorney/client relationship is not formed during a Consultation Session, confirmationation correspondence or follow up email after our session.

It will be formed if and when we enter a formal written engagement letter and any conflicts of interests are vetted. 

You are welcome to contact me with any questions.  

Note: This is Attorney Advertising. Cynthia is a admitted to the New York State Bar.  
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