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Business  & Legal Love

When it comes to managing business and legal affairs, everyone needs an angel in their corner. 

I have a big mind for small business and bring 20 years experience as a lawyer. 

Worked as in house counsel, entrepreneurial venture and as a spiritual entertainment attorney servicing a range of industry professionals. From contracts to project start up, production and carving niche distribution. 

Services range from strategy sessions, Contract Review & Negotiation,
Transactional Support, Promotional & Marketing Materials Review.
Hourly and flat rate fees available.

Important Legal Notice & Disclaimer

In our correspondence, you may be asked to share the topic for discussion and some background information. Please do not share anything which you deem to be confidential. 


I do not accept unsolicited materials such as film scripts, manusripts and business plans. They will not be read. Please do not send them until specifically requested and a submission release is signed. Many of my clients fields of interest, projects, products and services have similar themes and I bare no responsibility for any unsolicited materials submitted to me. 

While I will hold our conversations in confidence, please understand that an attorney/client relationship is not formed during a Consultation Session, confirmationation correspondence or follow up email after our session. 

It will be formed if and when we enter a formal written engagement letter and any conflicts of interests are vetted. 

You are welcome to contact me with any questions.  

Note: This is Attorney Advertising. Cynthia is a admitted to the New York State Bar.  

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