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My Journey Thus Far 

​I am a multi-passionate versatile person who has worn many hats over the decades. 


Lawyer, Mompreneur, Inspirational Writer, Blogger, Infotainment, Content and Video Producer, Event Producer and Curator, Nonprofit Consultant, Photographer, Reiki Master, Spiritual student and teacher, Hostess, Community Connector, Cat Mom, Dog Mom, Actual Mom, Wife, didster, friend, Momball and Volleyball player, yada yada yada.

I don't care very much for labels, except that it offers insight.


My story and slant on life is quite the entertaining conversation starter.

My 2+ decades as an entertainment/transactional Lawyer, 16+ years as a suburban work at home/stay at home full time mom of 2, 10+ years as a blogger, 20+ years as a Cat Mom, 1+  years as a Dog Mom, and an active community member in every community I am or have been part of, empowers me to bring deeper insights, expertise and more fun and meaning to the lives I touch.  

Life as a Lawyer 

The film "The Color Purple", shook my younger selfs soul to its core. As I processed just about every raw emotion that movie emotes, I knew then I wanted to do that. I wanted to move the masses. And if I couldn't be the one to conceive of and create the moving images, I wanted to be a part of a circle of those who did. I sought the bright lights of the entertainment industry.


I worked towards my vision. 

Throughout high school, college and law school, I studied the business and creative process. In college, I majored in Legal Studies and double minored in Theatre Arts and Psychology. I worked at film festivals, with talent agents, at a recording studio, for a music attorney, an independent film producer/lawyer and eventually landed in the business and legal affairs department of New Line Cinema.

It was awesome.

I formed my own law practice and guided independent filmmakers, media clients and other professionals on their journeys with projects like Indigo, Conversations With God, The Shadow Effect and Cover Girl Culture. My entrepreneurial spirit and love of spirituality and entertainment kicked into gear when I co-founded

The Spiritual Cinema Circle, a DVD club for spiritual films. I essentially was the legal department and worked 24/7 to shape the foundation and nurture it into a prime acquisition for Gaia, Inc.


My pearl to live by is "If it's meant to be, make it happen."

Faith, luck, pixie dust and a lot of elbow grease churns ideas into action. It takes a lot of creative juice and commitment to develop, produce, complete a project and produce a movie, book, campaign and/or an event. And, quite another set of skills to introduce others to your project.

I love seeing ideas manifest and take shape. My favorite aspect of my entertainment and entrepreneurial career is helping my clients and companies make fruitful connections, moves and plans so their projects and visions come to fruition.  


I believe in finding your niche and establishing your roots. Building your base who will connect with your brand and who'll be with you for your journey towards success.

The beauty of today's marketplace is that the field of entertainment has broadened and encompasses the digital and social media space. Every one can and does create their own media! You can share other people's media and be brand ambassadors and strike cross collaborations.


From your blogs, articles, tweets, Facebook posts, videos, Pinterest, Instagram feed, website features, co-branded, sponsored and cross promotional content and newsletters to your mailing list, you are sharing your brand and project story. You are responsible for what and how you share content. It's always a risk to put it out there and I help my clients ascertain and adhere to industry standards and avoid legal pitfalls while maintaining creative integrity and staying in alignment with your brand message. 

I got your back!

Baby Makes Blogger  

 After having my children, life happened, as it often does. 

My dad likes to say my life is like my childhood favorite Cinderella Story, but kind of in reverse. I met and  married a brilliant prince, he's literally a rocket scientist, and we were building a suburban life with children, 2 cats and a dream home in the works. 

Then in early 2009, our fortunes took a most drastic turn. We were one of the many Americans affected by the massive economic fallout. Our clock struck Madoff (details for another time) and such began our twist of fate. This was followed by the sequential passing of my maternal grandparents. My children were so young and with my slate wiped clean and our future so uncertain, I had to find a new way through my dismantled life.

I had to re-discover my own voice amidst all the simultaneous chaos and silence that ensued. 


Twas about the time when the Mom Blogger World was taking shape. 


Writing was one of the first things I remember coming naturally and loving. I loved seeing a blank page fill up from a tiny spark of inspiration. My first and forever love is my family. My family and ancestors are my pillars of strength and I needed their help to fill my reservoir. The generational wisdom stored in my family tree would keep me grounded.  I launched my blog Mommas Pearls to tap into my generational current for strength and guidance as I navigated my motherhood journey. My weekly Mommas Pearls blog grew into the blog, the Mommas Pearls Radio Show, Newsletter and a burgeoning online supportive community. 

As a "mom blogger" I was introduced to an incredible community of women and companies seeking to help each other and de-mystify, de-stress and de-stigmatize common parenting challenges, fears and mishaps.

It gave me a fun focus and purpose and was a most welcome diversion from my intensifying personal life.

Mommas Pearls is my heart center.

Muse for Mompreneurs & Small Businesses

My children's pre-school and playgrounds became my next office space.


I volunteered to organize and run the pre-school fundraising events where I'd meet and scout local businesses to participate in the events. I'd chat with moms about our pre-baby career pursuits and passions. During those chats I'd help uncover new business ideas and opportunities that fit their passion, skill sets and stay at home lifestyle. We'd vision storm local resources and forums to get them started building a client base and gaining confidence. I'd help them develop their brand image and story and advise how best to implement it via social media and marketing strategies. 

Turns out, my community is teaming with incredibly resourceful and talented mommas!  

It takes a great leap of faith to become a Mompreneur. I love combining my versatile experience to be a muse for others. That's my personal brand of magic. I can see into your heart of a person and help you clear any doubts, blocks and fears that stop you from taking the leap.

I envision new and creative approaches to business, marketing and community engagement.

MomTime Events 

I parlayed my blogging experience, love of creation and connecting community to create uplifting, fun and buzz worthy live specialty, arts, entertainment, self care and professional development experiences. 

MomTime Events was formed with the first Momtrepreneur Fair in partnership with Port Washington Mama.

That was a game changer. In the two years we produced the Fair together, we pioneered the local mom business community and motivated them into action. 

I then began to apply the NYC blogger event model to produce events that directly connected Long Island's business and social community of women (and later families!) in fun experiential ways.


My first MomTime Movie Event for Fifty Shades of Grey was a sold out phenomenon and whipped the appetite for a regular series of MomTime Movie Events. Being an active popcorn mom, entertainment lawyer and community cheerleader, the MomTime Movie Events ties in all my favorite things! 

Unlike other influencers who post about the films and products they see and sample and hope the masses will rush to attend or purchase, I create events that brings the businesses and moms together.

I get butts in the seats! 

The fun is rounded out via our online community and social media platforms. 

My subscriber based e-newsletter, “CynFul News” is a monthly dose of inspiration, infotainment, events and resources.

 On any given day you can find me snuggling with my cats, at the movies or by the water taking in the sunset with my family. 

I'm proud to share that there's some very bright lights that got turned on when my world went dark.

Fun Facts About Moi

I am a member of the New York State Bar.

Mommas Pearls was nominated for a 2010 Blog Luxe Award.

I've published over 300 blogs/articles via Mommas Pearls and outlets like Port Washington Living Magazine, Port Washington News, Twolia, Modern Mom, Skimbaco, Your Bella Life and Port Washington Patch. 

(While this may technically make me an "Author" , until my first book is published I consider myself a "Writer")

MomTime Events and/or I is/are regularly featured in the press.

I received the 2015 Judy Martin ScholarShip Award for my vision for a co-work/life space for women. 

I was honored at the 2017 Residents Forward Gala (f.k.a Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington) for my efforts as a Community Organizer (view Video). 

I have a few official days in my honor (Nov. 6th, March 17th, May 3rd) as proclaimed by the Town of North Hempstead which I dub "Cynthia Litman Day".

My SoulShots n SkyPic Photography Series/Art Show debuted at The Dolphin BookShop. My current Finding Home photography exhibit is on display at the Pride of Cow Bay Nautical Museum

I'm a Certified Level II Reiki Master

I completed Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie MasterClass Level I and Level II. 

I'm a masterclass junkie and love watching all the gardening and writers classes.

I was staunchly a cat mom and now I'm also a dog mom.

I now have teenagers which means nothing scares me and I'm dead inside.

2017 Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington Honoree 

2015 Judy Martin Scholarship Award Recipient

Video - Work Life Balance

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