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SoulShots & SkyPics Art Exhibit 

Artist's Statement

The SoulShots & Skypics Series invites you to pause and appreciate the beauty around you.

Connect with the magic of the present presence of nature.


In the midst of challenging times, the ever changing vastness of the sky reminded me how my challenges are fleeting, the storms will pass and the flowers will bloom come what May. The natural elements encouraged me to be present in the moment and to trust the cycle of life.


Life is a canvas.

The SoulShots & SkyPics Exhibition features first edition prints with sizes 8x8, 12x12, 11x14, 16x20 and 18x24.

Photos may be printed on Canvas, Film Stock, Metal or other such  material.

Some of the Canvas pieces glow when placed by a natural light source.


Enjoy the journey with me. 

Simply reach out and we can customize a piece for your personal collection.

The Skypic Series debuted at the 2017 Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington Gala where she was honored for her efforts as a Community Organizer. This Second "SoulShot and Skypic" Art Exhibition ran at The Dolphin Bookshop in July 2017. "Finding Home" ran  at the Cow Bay Nautical Museum at Town Dock from 2019 through the pandemic offering a source of light.

Prices available upon request

Your Piece of the Sky


Each piece is ready to find it's home. 


When you purchase Artwork from the Soulpics and Skypics Series, you'll be entitled to receive a Certificate of Authenticity for each purchased piece, the Artwork signed by the Artist  along with the Artist's Statement and Information. 



All rights in and to the Artwork and the underlying photograph, including, but not limited to, copyright, droit moral, reproduction, distribution, exploitation, licensing rights, etc. are expressly reserved to the Artist in perpetuity.

The purchase of the Artwork does not in anyway imply the transfer or assignment of such rights nor preclude Artist from creating, changing, editing, re-creating, re-designing and/or reprinting the Artwork in the same or other medium or format as Artist so desires. 

SoulShots & Skypics Series

Light of God
Take Flight 2015
Striking Beauty
Freedom Drop, July 2015
White Light
Sky Eye
Heavenly Midst Aug 2015
Sky Fits Heaven
Yellow Burst
The Breaks
Light Rest
Orange Crush
Branching Beauty
UpDog Beauty
DownDog Beauty
All That Shimmers

Cynthia is a goddess behind the camera! Her photos light me up. Every time Cynthia shares an image, it catches my eye, my mind relaxes and my body softens into the photo. It's like a miracle minute meditation!!! Her capture represents such natural beauty. I am grateful for her talent and I have a deep love for her work. ~ Jill Gropper, NYC 

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