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Who's Da Boss?!

Pearl of the Film: Love Expands

Dreamworks new animated film "Boss Baby" brilliantly exemplifies what happens when baby number two comes rolling into town and the pearl of love being unlimited is tested.

I begged to undertake the role as a big sister since I could talk. My sister was a godsend.

I watched my parents take care of her ever so gently. I was happy to share my parents with her - most of the time;).

At twenty months old, it was important to ease my son into becoming a big brother. We accomplished this with overcompensation. His grandparents amped up the love factor while his parents were otherwise occupied.

His new baby sister made her presence known in the family. Make no mistake, my girl was the new sheriff in town.

For seven years, Tim Templeton was doing just fine being an only child.

He's less than thrilled when his baby brother arrives. Particularly, since his new baby brother has no intention of sharing them, wears a suit and has a big baby agenda - wrap the parents around his finger and do his job.

Boss Baby's job entails ensuring there's enough love to go around for future babies.

Watching Tim's parents scramble to meet the demands of their Boss Baby was highly entertaining. Memories of the newborn phase flooded back. Newborns consume your life and suddenly everything revolves around their needs, schedule and demands.

You may be the parent but you wonder who's the Boss?

Being a mom is a 24/7 job. I work my ass off for my children. A few years ago, my daughter looked me square in the eye and said "I own you." She was not wrong. She did, does, uhhhh, I mean, did.

It wasn't until after the baby phase that I felt some semblance of normalcy. I emerged from what I call the baby time warp and regained some control over myself, my time, body and family structure again.

I've come to realize that the wheel of family attention constantly spins.

My husband and I have the reigns and shine a spotlight upon who needs it most in any given day. Aside from birthday's, concerts, special occasions and events there's no set schedule for attention giving and getting.

We're constantly putting out fires, singing praises and dishing out ice for boo boos. Uneventful days are few and far between and are a welcome blessing. A momentary reprieve from weighing the pendulum of parenting.

When our family is on the same page and works together towards a common goal, there's a magic that occurs. We grow stronger as a unit.

Tim and Boss Baby begin to forge this as they set out on their mission and (spoiler alert) eventually see the beauty in brotherhood.

Love, being the beautiful renewable resource that it is, is unlimited.

A family's bond creates a circle of love. The love goes around and around and around.


Click To View the Official Boss Baby Trailer.

Mommas Pearls Meter: 3 Pacis

Boss Baby - Rated PG, 1 Hour 37 Minutes

Directed By: Tom McGrath

Tim, a seven-year-old boy (voice of Miles Christopher Bakshi) has his life turned upside down by his new brother, an infant known as the Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) who wears a suit and has the brusque manner of a businessman. However, the two are forced to get past their initial antagonism when they must work together on a mission of espionage involving the rivalry between babies and puppies.

Film image and trailer via DreamWorks

(c) Copyright 2017 Cynthia Litman. All Rights Reserved.

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