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Vision It, Become It

My 2016 Vision Board

Pearl of the Process: Mindfully Manifest

The new year begins with a clean slate, or so they say.

It's just another continuation in your journey. In order to truly break with your past, you must dive in and get real.

Last week, I hosted a MomTime Vision Boarding Session and am happy to share my process and suggestions so you can create your own Vision Board.

A vision board is much more than a creatively amassed ransom note - it's a creative energetic process.

A process in becoming.

A process in clarity.

An amplifier of your desires.

To prepare, I recommend getting into the zone a few days/weeks leading up to your session. Begin reflecting on 2016 and your life - e.g. yourself, career, family, relationships, community, hobbies, etc.

What comes up for you? What has tripped you short of your finish lines?

What do you need to resolve and brush up before moving forward in all your awesomeness.

Notice patterns that keep emerging. Review what you've wanted, what you've got and where you've "failed". Bring this all up so you can clear it and release it.

I'm in it deep.

Whenever I initiate the process of setting my Vision for a new year, all of it gets conjured up. The good, the bad and the painfully ugly. All the hurt, pain, doubts, insecurities and "failures", the hanging ideas, all my trauma with Money and Madoff, it's all right there - AGAIN!

Be gentle with yourself.

Try to remove judgement and just be with it. It's arising to be healed or at least inch forward in your healing journey. I'm healing my relationship with money and miscommunications. I know it's an obstacle to manifesting a steady, amazing, stream of abundance.

If I ignore my issues, I'm bound to trip over and over and over again. Then bye, bye, cuz I went mental.

Naturally, since calling this into focus, I'm working through 3-4 relationships with hanging money issues. It's not easy, but, necessary in order for the fun and inspiration to continue to flow in a lovingly clear way.

This is pretty big girl stuff.

I've often brushed this step off with a whatever will be will be wave. I didn't want money to cock block my inspiration. So dumb. I've since re-framed this belief. Clarity in business and especially, money is SO important and feels SO amazing!

Clarity is king.

It's key to staying in the creative flow and feeling supported for your inspiration. It helps you move forward instead of back tracking. It's key to being comfortable in the ask and establishing fair and realistic expectations.

If you can't move through the energy and feelings that arise, please ask for help from your guides, therapist, life coach, etc. I call my friend Macha who always encourages me forward and reminds me to do my vision boards! Set the intention and trust that the clearing will happen and the right assistance will appear.

Once your clear on your past, move your focus into your PRESENT. Really just breathe and be. Notice how you feel NOW, what you are doing NOW. This is your slate, blank or full. It's your starting point for your next incarnation.

Wherever you are in your journey is precisely where you are. It's overly simple but you can be no where else then where you're at.

And ya know what, it's all good.

See 2017 and all the possibilities as gears. How would you like to shift forward in your life's gears (self, career, family, relationships, community, passions, etc.)?

What do you really DESIRE

How do you wish to FEEL

What do you want to ACHIEVE

I'm always brought back to the same place - my CORE. My core is pure and runs deep. I am just a girl who wants to be INSPIRED, CREATE, CONNECT and have F U N! Whatever I do this year, will emanate from this place.

Now that you've done the inner prep work, you are ready to sit down and get scrap happy making your Vision Board.

Start with a meditation to relax your body and clear your mental chatter. I love Lisa Beachy's meditations on YouTube (they're of all lengths and easy to follow). Just be sure to take a moment before starting to tune into yourself and quiet your mind so you can follow your heart during the process.

Your board can be anything that works for you. I like old school white oak tag paper. There are virtual vision board options (link below), including Pinterest.

Dedicate areas on your board to the areas of your life (e.g. self, career, family, relationships, community, passions, etc.). If you have one massive project, you may want to dedicate a full board to it, otherwise, keep it tidy and onto one board.

Gather as many magazines, images, quotes, photos as you feel you need and that you want to hold space for - a photo of your family, business logo, upcoming event, etc. Sort through the magazines and clip out words and images that resonate with you. Place them atop of your board but don't glue them on yet. Keep going until you find your rhythm then commit.

As you continue in the process, you'll find re-curring themes and your focus will strengthen.

I like the visual component of seeing it on paper. A picture is indeed worth a thousand well intended words. Bare in mind, you don't have to finish in one sitting, walk away, get some new magazines, come back to it and see what still calls your attention.

Vision Boarding is a creative energetic process that I just love. From this space I work up my yearly TO DO list in my planner. The steps of setting the vision combined with planning my action steps is a very powerful combo!

I check in on my board and my goals throughout the year and see what continues to crystalize and manifest. I compare my boards from past years and note the similarities and differences. It's so fun.

Have at it and manifest wisely!!


Danielle LaPorte is the master of helping you craft your DESIRES

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