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Hey busy mompreneur!


I see you working hard on your business. You're interacting on social media, doing market research, building funnels.


But when it's time to close your email, power down your computer and turn off your messenger notifications, your work isn't done yet.


Now is the time to tackle the household and family tasks.


And I know. It's exhausting. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to do it all.


You're doing all the things, but you know what?


It doesn't have to be stressful or hard.


You CAN have an organized home, respectful kids and a thriving business.


You CAN accomplish everything and have everything you want in life.


I wanted to share something cool I'm a part of that you will benefit from just as much as me!


In the FREE Whole Mompreneur Virtual Summit, you will learn from me and 25+ experts and discover the secrets to balancing your home, business and family … and doing it all with ease.


This event covers 5 major parts of the amazing mompreneur that you are:


  • Mindset and self care, so you can take care of YOU

  • Productivity, so you can manage your time and get it done BETTER

  • Parenting, because the first part of “mompreneur” is “mom”

  • Business and marketing, so you can build your business in a strategic manner, in as little time as possible

  • Money mindset and profitability, because we all want to grow our income!


The Summit is FREE from Monday, June 18 to Friday June 22, and I highly recommend you register now and have access to the amazing speakers.

My interview "CARVE YOUR MOMTIME" is featured on Day 1 of the Summit.

Register via my affiliate link.

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