Original Cyn

January 1, 2020


Oh Father Time. Where have you gone.

What have you left to share.

Where am I going why am I here. 

Where art though paradise that was promised.

Lost in a fire, like the forest. 
Where was the feast I had hoped to devour.

All the tastes had soured. 
The love of life and the life I love. This couldn't be what was ordained from above. 

The decade collected many lives. Long and sudden goodbyes. 
Invading my lungs. A decade to catch my breath. 

It's like I saw all this before. 
Another time ago before I was born. 
Into the midst I begin the see
the many faces of me. 
The one I wear in the here and now.

Grows a bit older, worn somehow. 
Still a glint in the eye, yet less is a surprise. 
Hard to shake and harder to penetrate. 
The body has hardened. The soul is burdened. The years aggregate.

That's nonsense. 

You are the light. 
You are what shines so bright. 
You bring forth the stardust. 
It's memories
It's glee
It's unique abilities
To shine through all the darkness
to lead others through the sea
say no more
unto thee
whispering wishes of a version of you that I do not see 


The light in me is the light in you

Listen and begin
you are the girl named Cyn. 
Original it might be
Almost as original as me. 

Let spirit in
there are no wins

leave it be and come walk with me

walk by light

shine so bright

a most Cynful light




(c) Copyright 2020 Cynthia Litman. All Rights Reserved.



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