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A New Beginning

Every step forward is a new beginning.

Launching this website is placing my heart up on a screen and is one such step in my growth.

Like the good old apple tree, I've planted the seeds for this space and place in my life's journey for years and now it's finally emerging.

This space is where my worlds collide. Until now, I've held different virtual spaces at Mommas Pearls and

I've learned that work (my law firm) and life (captured via Mommas Pearls) are in and of the same thing and this space now captures the "balance".

It's also now home to MomTime Events!!

I'll be tinkering for a while. Lot's still to do like integrating the information and my posts on an ongoing basis and am excited to share the journey of how it all comes together. I mean, I haven't even created a page for my book (in writing mode) yet!! That in and of itself is quite a story!!

Yes, this space is just beginning to blossom and I'm excited to see what unfolds.

I'm getting a feel for this space just as much as you are and it's pulsating with possibilities!!!

Feel free to drop me a line and share what you're feeling and be sure to join my mailing list for a monthly dose of inspiration and fun!!!

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